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Possibility to add VPN services.

Under Consideration Anonymous Comments: 29 Reply 3 weeks ago by Patrick_Johnson
43 votes

Software for Synology Diskstation?

Under Consideration Mike B. Feature request Comments: 8 Reply 1 year ago by Christian U.
34 votes

Sicherung der Einstellungen

Planned Thomas Feature request Comments: 3 Reply 10 months ago by Tim
17 votes

List of blocked trackers and ads

Planned Malte R. Comments: 6 Reply 2 years ago by Tim
14 votes


Under Consideration Markus M. Feature request Comments: 6 Reply 1 year ago by Tim
12 votes

Idee: Selektives Aktivieren einzelner Tracker oder Ads

Under Consideration Torsten B. Feature request Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by F. R.
11 votes

Disable icon on device or app

Completed Klaus M. Comments: 2 Reply 2 years ago by Tim
9 votes

Tor status

Under Consideration Roberto C. Comments: 8 Reply 1 year ago by Philipp L.
9 votes

User-agent spoofing

Completed Anonymous 2 years ago Feature request No Comments
8 votes
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