When will eblocker default list be updated such that iphone and ipad have normal functionality

Peter van Heerebeek shared this question 1 year ago
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I am using eblocker pro 9.4-5, SSL not enabled with a KPN experia box v9 router (device listed as zte coorperation).

A default 'out of the box' eblocker setup, automatically updated, with no adjustments shows my apple-tv-4, iphone 6s and ipad mini 4 both running IOS 10.1.1 to have limited connectivity and my very old ipad 1 running IOS 5.1.1 with no connectivity at all.

The only way to use these devices without having limitations in use (e-banking, icloud, some games) is to manually disable eblocker functionality for all apple devices in the device list which should not be required according to reviews and announcements I read on the internet.

I have ordered e-blocker to be a device to help protect me using the web and not having to be a parameter fiddling nerd but I feel eblocker only works for nerds where I can only disable eblocker functionality for all devices I normally use which is like removing eblocker from the network completely and live life without it.

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You don't use the Anon function (surfing over the Tor network), right?

Which banking app causes problems? If the app uses certificate pinning, then the eBlocker could be the problem.

I'm not sure if older iOS Version like 5.1.1 will be able to use the eBlocker. The eBlocker functions should work, but the iOS 5.1.1 is some kind of old and not up to date.

iCloud Services should work. Please look into the eBlocker Settings > App if the "Apple macOS iOS Service IPs" and "macOS iOS iCloud Service" is activated.

In an upcoming eBlocker udpdate we will join all some lists, so it is easier to find the lists.




Banking via ABN-Amro app, but also whatsapp, browsing using safari, wordfeut, etc. don't work. Only when I de-activate eblocker for my apple devices they work normally again. With eblocker enabled it seems devices cannot connect to any internet service


We joined the Apple lists.

WhatsApp schuld work. Please take a look into our eBlocker Settings > Apps and activate WhatsApp. We will add soon whatsapp.net to the list, which you will need for the web based WhatsApp service.

Please look also in the eBlocker Settings > Device menu and look, if there is maybe SSL activated for you iOS device.

Your problems sounds like SSL is activated.

If you experience more problems please contact the support and send them the eBlocker diagnostic report.


Groet, Peter

Op 14 dec. 2016 om 16:40 heeft eblocker het volgende geschreven:

Ipad and iphone DO NOT CONNECT TO WEB WITH EBLOCKER ENABLED fot those devices, with eblocker disabled they work flawlessly

Flight mode on/off, it does not matter, SSL is off, no connection to TOR networks enabled, eblocker blocks web access completely without giving any message or log or warning. I did send an eblocker log file to you and the question I got back showed me you had no idea what is happening.

Eblocker is only usable for desktops and laptops, not for apple mobile devices.

I invested a fair amount of money into what seems to be a dream.

Anyone interested in an eblocker with lifetime update?