We're beta-users. Do you want us to test something specific?

lx__ shared this question 2 years ago

Dear eBlocker-Developers,

AFAIK all the active users right now are beta-users. Do you want us to test some specific things with our eBlocker-devices? I'm quite happy with the functionality and the software so far, and it seems so is the majority in here, but we probably could help you (the developers) even a bit more.

Tell us your needs, so we might bring this thing to the next level a bit faster!

Keep up the good work,


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Thanks very much for your great feedback. We appreciate your offer to help very much.

Actually, you can help by posting your ideas of what to improve next and/or vote for existing ideas, so we can prioritize according to your needs. As well we are hoping for any ideas to improve the user interface (Controlbar, Settings). We are software developers - not user interface designers ;-)

Any thought for improvement is really helpful.

Thanks a lot!