Took a few tries, but I got there!

David Webster shared this thanks 2 years ago

I am using the sneak preview on a banana Pi m1 literally bought yesterday for this purpose.

I downloaded the image, imaged an SD card and plugged it all in.... and got nothing.

so I pulled the setup from my server room (my wife is so kind to let me rename the cupboard the server & router sits in the "server room") and there were still some issues.

fearing a bad board on the banana Pi, I quickly took a raw image of a raspberry pi2 I'm using on a project, then wrote the eblocker image to it.

plugged this in, and everything was fine.

So I downloaded the banana Pi image file once more, unpacked it, reflashed again. plugged it all in again in the living room and everything except wireless devices were being filtered.

I need to go out at this point, so I disconnect the bpi & plugged it all in inside the server room again.

When I got home, nothing was being filtered again. I decided to swap out the power supply and I am now proud to say, its working on everything as designed!

Enjoying the product quite well so far.

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Thanks for the great review and insights, David.

I think it's a great hint to swap power supply if some things do not work well. We'll add this to the Knowlede Base hint.

Thanks again!