SSL: No connection to Apple iOS App-Store

Oliver shared this question 2 years ago

With activated SSL i couldn't get a connection to the iOS App-Store.

With the new 5 min. deactivation, everything works.

Did anyone new the App-Store link, to add it to the new "Secure Websides"?

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Hey Oliver,

did you install the SSL certificate in your iOS device? For instructions how to install the certificate under iOS, please take a look at the help section of your eBlocker:

(on your eBlocker -> SSL section -> "Help - How to install" button.

In addition to this, we will be releasing an improved SSL exemption list with our next updates, to make sure AppStores and commonly used software will work with the SSL feature enabled.

Best regards!



Hi Tim,

that was the 1st thing i did, after enableing the SSL feature! ;-)