So long, and thanks for all the fish

David Webster shared this thanks 11 months ago

Just wanted to provide some feedback and this seemed the most appropriate way available.

I was an early adopter, backing you through indigogo for early access release and one of the first users. I liked your product despite many of the features in that first year promised in the funding campaign not appearing until after further updates had to be purchased. And this is where the crunch came.

I unplugged the banana board and left it unplugged. $299 for the lifetime family package is simply horrendous, and $99 a year unsustainable for the purpose of increasing privacy and blocking adverts. Yes, your product does a reasonable job of implementing a whole home solution with a single plug in device but I cannot continue to back a product that in my opinion, is outpricing itself from the every day consumer that it tried to target and initially offered itself to.

So from me, it is a "so long, and thanks for all the fish" and i wish the team success. Maybe one day, I'll revisit.