My Family License just expired. Options?

Sam Lowry shared this question 2 weeks ago

If I want to update manually, how do I get the files and update my eBlocker?

If not, is there any issue with just getting a new lifetime family license?

Is there a way to turn off the alert that my license has expired every time I open my browser?

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Normally you should be able to deactivate the "expired" message. The last "active" week the message will be shown every time when you open the browser.

You can't update manually the eBlocker. After the license has expired the eBlocker will not load any filter updates, or eBlockerOS Updates anymore.

If you just want the eBlockerOS updates without any website filter functionality, then you can buy for just 19 Euros a Lifetime Base license (includes just the TOR and VPN function).

You can also buy an update license like from eBlocker Family 1Y to Lifetime for just 199 Euro (


My Kickstarter purchase clearly says:

(Auto. update subscription $99 / 99 € p.yr, manual updates are FREE)

That was copy & pasted exactly as shown on KS. It is the reason I bought it.


With a transparent eBlocker (the previous version model) or DIY eBlocker you can install the eBlockerOS on a SD card and use this SD card in the eBlocker. You can find the eBlockerOS on our website ( But you will then have no license and no current filter lists. The eBlockerOS is then not licensed. This manual updates are free.

With our current eBlocker (the white design eBlocker) you cannot use a SD card, because the eBlockerOS is stored on an eMMC memory. It is not possible to copy eBlockerOS to an eMMC memory.

The cheapest way to get a current eBlockerOS is an eBlocker Base Lifetime License for 19 Euro. Then you always have the current eBlockerOS and the DNS + Tor + VPN function of eBlocker.

You can find more offers in our Software License Shop.

If you are satisfied with eBlocker, we would be pleased if you would support the further development of eBlocker and buy a license.

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