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Steeve shared this question 2 months ago
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Had my eblocker for few weeks now and was working fine until now but for the last few days, I haven’t got any internet connection. As soon as I unplug the eblocker, internet is working fine again Please help!!!!!

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Please contact the eBlocker support team ( ).

Tell them as much background information as you could (router model, network configuration, ect.).

The eBlocker can write a short status report on a USB thumb (USB2.0 / FAT16 or FAT32 formated) drive:

- Disconnect eBlocker from power, but let the Ethernet cable connected to the eBlocker

- Insert a USB thumb drive in the lower USB port

(On the eBlocker in the transparent case, please use one of the USB ports on the longer side, not the ports next to the Ethernet port)

- Power up the eBlocker

- Wait for 3 minutes

After that you can pull out the USB drive and attach it to your computer. There should be a file "eblocker-status.html" on the drive. Please send also this file.