Forum sections for different Service Providers to collect App Rules

Joachim von Caron shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

To configure the eBlocker Rules is not as simple as we wish cause e.g. the Apple Services are very complex.

For example which rules are needed to allow to use the Photo Library with iCloud or iMessage Services, updates, backup, or or or.

I believe Rules like following are not the best:

Or even: where /8 is not possible only /16

Maybe someone has already some experiences.

So my idea: please offer different boards for different Services where we can discuss Rules for that provider e.g. Apple, Samsung, Banks, ...

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Hi Joachim,

there is a well working updated Apple IP list here. You can try it...

See here:

/8 ist at the moment not possible.

A board or a topic for rules discussions will come.





Board will be awesome.

The discussion I saw - anyhow there is only a list of IPs/LANs without any explanation - this is maybe a good start. Will leave a note to describe the list of IPs/LANs there.