Factory Reset: use a USB2 memory stick

Markus Brauchli shared this question 1 year ago
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I don't have a bug to report but an experience with the factory reset:

According to the FAQ a factory reset is to be done with a memory stick holding a dummy text file named «eblocker-factory-reset.txt». The factory reset then should start after power on and the device should turn power off itself after a couple of minutes.

That's the way I did it, but the eBlocker device never turned off. I then realized that I was using a USB3 memory stick. So I transferred the text file to a USB2 memory stick and restarted the procedure. And this time the device turned off, I unplugged the memory stick, turned power on again and waited some minutes and my eBlocker was ready to be configured and is up.

Well, I would have very much appreciated the hint that a USB2 memory stick has to be used as the raspberry PI board doesn't support USB3. Could you please amend this hint to the factory-reset page?

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Markus Brauchli


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Thank you for this information.

The Raspberry Pi boards supports only USB2.