Eblocker not working - yellow light flashing at lan connection

Gregory Parker shared this question 9 months ago
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No icon appears when I go to the eblocker setup page.Eblocker is connected by ethernet to Apple Airport

I cannot reach it with Mac OS Sierra or IOS using the ip address referenced in your support pages.

No results with Chrome or Safari

I'm using WLAN

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You can't see the eBlocker icon on the website setup.eblocker.com ?

Please restart your active devices, or disconnect the WIFI for a few seconds.

You can try "arp -a" in a terminal. Then you will see devices connected to your Apple Airport.

Or try the free App "LanScan" (Apple App Store). The App will list all devices connected to your Apple Airport.

Does you see any devices with an "eblocker" in it's name? If so, try to open the IP address and add :3000 at the end (example

You can also easily test the eBlockers connection with macOS.

- Please launch the macOS Network Utility (you can do this through macOS Spotlight by typing Network Utility)

- Click Traceroute

- Enter the domain name: http://www.eblocker.com

- Click Trace

Your eBlockers IP address should be in the first place followed by your routers IP address.