eBlocker keeps WLAN devices online

DecaTec shared this question 2 years ago
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eBlocker works as a simple plug and play solution. Thumbs up!

But I have a problem regarding the online state of WLAN devices:

  • FritzBox 7360
  • Mobile phones connected (WLAN)
  • eBlocker set up and connected

Now, when I take a look into the "Home Network" section of the Fritz Box, I see all devices online, but it seems that these are connected by wire and not by WLAN anymore (they are not shown in the WALN section of the FritzBox). Even when I switch off the WLAN on mobile devices, they are still shown as connected to the router.

Normally, this shouldn't be any problem at all. But I've implemented presence detection on my home automation server: the FritzBox is queried regularly by TR-064 protocol to look up if any mobile device is online (i.e. logged in the WLAN). When none of the registered devices is online, the home automation server "knows" that nobody is at home. So unfortunately, eBlocker breaks my home automation scripts.

So when using eBlocker, it keeps all my devices online in the WLAN. As soon as I turn the eBlocker off, it works again as expected. Is there any chance to circumvent this behaviour?

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I can't see your issue in my env (7490 6.51, eB 0.8.9-2 in manual mode).

- you may want to upgrade your F!B to 6.50 (released 2 days ago)

- do you already run eBlocker version 0.8.9-2?

- network in auto-mode? if so: please try setting manual mode (just to isolate the issue, not as solution)

Regards, F.R.