eBlocker bricked upon upgrade

Dave Skinner shared this question 1 year ago
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Just received an eBlocker device (SN00001113). Installed according to the enclosed instructions ... connected eBlocker to router, then connected power to eBlocker, waited >5 minutes.

Opened a (Safari) browser window, the eBlocker logo appeared in the upper right. Clicked on the logo, a window opened with the orange ribbon across the top. Registered the device using the setup menu, entered the eBlocker license key and my email address.

Then clicked on "Upgrade" to ensure the device had the latest firmware. A rotating progress "circle" was displayed, presumably indicating the upgrade process was in progress, viz:


I waited for over 1 hour for the upgrade process to finish, but it apparently it became confused or self-destructed. The eBlocker device no longer responds or appears to be operative. When http://startup.eblocker.com is entered in the browser address window, eBlocker displays the following ...


Here are answers to your support questions about this configuration ...

  • Your router model: Netgear WGR614v10, firmware version V1.0.2.54+60.0.82NA (which is the latest version, according to Netgear)

  • Your eBlockerOS version: 0.9.2-8

  • On which devices does the problem occur?: all devices

  • Which operating system is installed on the devices?: Mac OS 10.11.6 (OS X El Capitan)

  • Are you using the eBlocker in manual or automatic mode?: automatic

  • Are you using LAN or WLAN?: connected to a LAN port on the WiFi router. (WLAN is used by the cable modem).

  • How is the eBlocker integrated in your network (e.g. are more network devices between router and eBlocker)?: no other devices connected. The cable modem (Arris Touchstone TM722G Cable Modem) connects directly to the WiFi router (Netgear WGR614v10 Wireless-G Router).

  • Which browser(s) are you using?: Safari V10.0 (11602.

  • Have you enabled the SSL-function?: no.

If your eBlocker doesn't work at all:

  • Can you access eBlocker settings?: no.

  • Does the eBlocker appear on the device list of your router?: yes, viz:


  • Does your client device appear in eBlocker's list of devices and is it enabled?: unable to access eBlocker’s setup or other screens to determine this.

  • Are the red power LED and the two network LEDs on the eBlocker board on (or flashing)?: there is no red power LED visible anywhere on the eBlocker device. The only LED illuminated is a yellow LED beneath the RJ-45 network connector.

Additional questions you didn’t ask …

Automatic mode (factory default)

http://eblocker:3000: doesn’t work, browser returns “Safari Can’t Connect to the Server” error, viz:

1ef613f1b42d3128d6cfed0906754518 doesn’t work, browser returns “Safari Can’t Connect to the Server” error (same screen as above).

Emergency IP address: doesn’t work, browser returns “Safari Can’t Connect to the Server” error (same screen as above).

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eBlocker is a great idea, was looking forward to using it. But it appears that it needs some additional time and attention before it's a market-ready product.

I'm not interested in returning the device or going through any prolonged support efforts. If there is something reasonably straightforward that you can do to resuscitate the eBlocker device, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, I'll toss it in the trash and consider the $125 a bad investment.

Further complicating things, while attempting to submit this support request, your support website refuses to acknowledge that I'm a registered user. So I re-registered, received another password (which one is valid? who knows). Geez.

I've spent 6 hours to get an allegedly plug-and-play appliance to work, then crafting a support request, then trying to submit it. This is ridiculous.

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I also have a Netgear router, and have tried everything here and more. I thought it was a licensing issue, but have seem more folks with the upgrade issue and I think that may have been what did it as mine was upgraded to the same version when this happened to me.


Thanks, Ford! Appreciate the info.



the picture shows, that your eBlocker runs with the eBolcker OS 0.9.2-8. The eBlocker should try to download and install the actual eBocker OS 0.9.3-8.

If your using Safari on macOS, you can try to flush the Safari browser cache. This was also one of my problems... The update was done, but Safari used his cashed eBlocker information. Did you maybe try another browser?


After reading the user's manual several times and making multiple attempts to reboot my eBlocker (all without success), I've decided to give up. I'd love to use the "generate diagnostic report" option (p. 21 of the manual) but it requires an operational unit to do this.

Great idea but IMO it's an alpha or perhaps beta stage product that needs additional work before claiming that it's ready.

If anyone wants the eBlocker hardware + power supply, I'll send it if you pay the postage. Otherwise, it's going in the trash.

Sorry, eBlocker ...