Does eBlocker have to be ON the DHCP server, while my router is OFF its DHCP server??

Prodigy shared this question 7 months ago
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I'm not sure about the DHCP topic... so I would like to know;

When I switch my router's DHCP server OFF, do I have to switch eBlocker's DHCP server ON??

And when I switch my eBocker's DHCP server OFF again, do I also have to switch my router's DHCP server ON again??

• In other words; does ONE DHCP server have to be switched ON, at all times??

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There can only be one DHCP server in a network. Otherwise it will be chaos!

Like the "Highlander" movie - "There can only be one!"

You could also setup your network by hand and so you need no DHCP server. But then you have to configure every device by hand.