Disable icon on device or app

Klaus Meyer shared this idea 2 years ago

I love the eBlocker while surfing the web so I know whats gioing on. But sometimes it's really bugging me. Especially when I use apps that load web pages sometimes the content shifts due to the icon and makes it look ugly.

I suggest to have another switch "show icon" in the devices section. This only diables the icon but leaves all other configuration in place.

For apps there needs to be a similar menu like for devices. (maybe another feature)

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+1 as this is an admin security feature too: Who has no icon has no easy way to tamper /w eBlocker settings for his device (use cases: children or guests /w mandatory settings like anon mode).


Hi all,

we have implement this feature. Just update to eBlockerOS 0.8.7 and go to settings -> devices. You can disable the eBlocker icon there. Another option is to show the icon for just 5 seconds.

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