Bought bigger SD Card but want to keep ARK bubble and all. HELP!

aaronpawlak shared this question 2 weeks ago


I just bought a huge 64Gb sd card for the PS Vita (yes, I know..REALLY expensive..ok..) and I want to get rid of my old 8gb one and put this beauty instead. The thing is I am on 3.63 with ARK bubble and all (emulators, games, saves, etc) and I do NOT want to lose anything. I just want to copy (clone is it?) everything from the 8gb one to my new 64gb. I am new to this so I am asking for some help: how can I do such a swap?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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This isn't an eBlocker topic, so I will answer it very quickly.

You can clone an 8GB SD-card only to an 8GB SD-card. If you can see any files on the SD-card, you can still copy them to your computer and transfer them later to your new SD-card.