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As someone who doesn't really know much about what is going on behind my browsing experience, I do want to say that I find this whole process fascinating (and, obviously, a little worrying ... which is why I made my small contribution to the project). I definitely am looking forward to being able to "see" the trackers that eblocker identifies. I suppose the only small thing that I have thought about during the one day that I have been experimenting with the software has to do with the network section - I wonder if it would be possible for me to label / identify the devices on my network after they show up in the list. I was initially a little spooked by some of the identifications but then realized that the names were identifying the manufacturers of various wireless devices in the house.

Thanks for making me aware ...


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Thanks very much for your great feedback!

We plan to optimize the device labels in future to help identifying your devices even better. And it's on our list already to show the trackers that we have blocked as many backers and early testers have demanded this feature.