VPN integration into your network

For IP anonymization, eBlocker always connects to the Tor network. Instead of using the Tor network, however, you can also set up connections to any other VPN network of your choice using a different VPN provider.

VPN networks can be set up under "eBlocker Settings > IP Anonymization" and "VPN Networks". There, you can also find a link to the list of VPN providers we tested. This list is updated regularly. You can also use other VPN providers as long as they support the OpenVPN protocol.

Other VPN provider may charge additional costs. Connection speed may vary depending on the VPN provider.

Your VPN provider usually provides you with a username, password and a configuration file, it’s name ending on the suffix ".ovpn". This configuration file is needed to set up the connection to the VPN network.

To create a new VPN connection, click “New VPN Provider”. Now follow the wizard's instructions and upload the configuration file provided by your VPN provider.

After completion of the upload, you will be shown details regarding ignored or unsupported options from the eBlocker. This is generally harmless and the ignored or unsupported options will not lead to any kind of malfunction. The eBlocker can still be used optimally. Click on “Next".

Enter the username and password you have received from your VPN provider into the respective access data fields and click on "Next".

Then enter a name, description and country that you want your IP-address be taken from. Finally, chose if you wish the VPN network to be available in the eBlocker Controlbar by clicking on the switch slide. If you do not want the connection to be shown in the Controlbar, it will only be visible in your settings and will be displayed as inactive.

You have successfully created a new VPN network and can edit, remove or run a connection test by clicking on the name.

In the eBlocker Controlbar, you will see the VPN network you have just created under the "Anon" menu item.

The connection is verified by clicking on the VPN network, and a check mark is displayed to indicate successful connection to the VPN network. If the connection was not successful, no check mark would be displayed. In this case, go back to settings and verify your username and password.

After activating the VPN network, the Anon icon in the control bar is filled with a checked pattern to indicate it is active.

A Tor connection cannot be used simultaneously with an existing VPN or another existing Tor connection.

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