Please read this first

If you have technical questions in our support forum please give us as much information as possible about your eBlocker and network environment. Especially these details are important:

  • Your router model
  • Your eBlockerOS version
  • On which devices does the problem occur?
  • Which operating system is installed on the devices?
  • Are you using the eBlocker in manual or automatic mode?
  • Are you using LAN or WLAN?
  • How is the eBlocker integrated in your network (e.g. are more network devices between router and eBlocker)?
  • Do you see the eBlocker icon on:
  • Which browser(s) are you using?
  • Have you enabled the SSL-function?

If your eBlocker doesn't work at all:

  • Can you access eBlocker settings? (there are serveral possibilities)
  • Does the eBlocker appear on the device list of your router?
  • Does your client device appear in eBlocker's list of devices and is it enabled?
  • Are the red power LED and the two network LEDs on the eBlocker board on (or flashing)?


If you have a FritzBox 7490 router, please read this first.


If you have a question, please use the forum search function before you post. Maybe your question has already been asked and answered.

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