Parental Control

Activate Parental Control

To be able to use Parental Control, assign an administrator password first to prevent others from accessing eBlocker settings and deactivating Parental Control.

Assign the administrator password in "eBlocker Settings> General", "Admin password".

Navigate to "eBlocker Settings > Parental Control".

Create new profile

The Standard Profile is automatically assigned to all existing and new devices in the home network.

Click the button "New profile" to create a new Parental Control profile. Assign a name and description to the profile. This will help you to keep your profiles apart, should you wish to create multiple profiles.

In the profile list shown, click the profile you have just created to access the profile settings.

Here, you can change the name and description of the profile, edit the categories, create time slots or delete the profile. The settings also show all devices currently linked to the profile.

To restrict internet access, activate the site category filter by clicking the slide switch. A category list will be displayed.

When moving the mouse over the list of categories, a tooltip will show details of all category contents. Select all categories you wish to ban from the profile and save the settings.

Filters will be generated. This may take a few seconds. You can edit the settings by clicking the pen.

All categories are updated automatically on a daily basis.

Time slots

You can specify a time slot for Internet access based on the. To do this, enable time slot. Here, you can specify weekdays and times when access to the Internet is allowed, based on the specific profile restrictions.

Additional time constraints can be added by clicking the plus sign. Use the pen or the minus symbol to edit or remove time slots.

If no time slot is defined, the profile is permanently active.

When visiting a blocked web page within a specified time slot, a notification from the eBlocker will be shown.

By clicking the button "Configuration", the eBlocker administrator can access the eBlocker settings.

Outside the defined time slots, no device linked to the profile will connect to the Internet. A corresponding notification will be displayed.

The restriction of Internet access applies to all apps and websites. Online games or applications that require server connection will no longer start or display an error.

Assigning a profile to a device

To assign a profile to a device, navigate to "eBlocker Settings > Devices," then select a profile. One device can only be assigned to one profile. One profile however, can be assigned to multiple devices - e.g., all devices of a child.

You can now see all devices assigned to a profile in Parental Control. A profile cannot be deleted as long as it is assigned to one or more devices.

Once a profile has been assigned to a device, the device will have its own control bar, which is slightly different from the standard control bar. It is no longer possible to access the eBlocker settings, to pause the eBlocker for the device, or to call up the eBlocker web help. Instead, the profile name and the assigned time slots are displayed.

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