Individual network setup

Individual setup

Please use the individual setup  if you are experiencing issues with your network devices. Using the individual setup the eBlocker will always work with every IPv4 network.

Before using the individual setup consider using the configuration wizard first and then verify the IP-address of your eBlocker using the information below.

Note: please make sure that your eBlocker is updated to at least version 0.8.3 before enabling individual setup.

1.Go to any non-https web site and click the eBlocker icon to open the control bar. 

2.Click on the settings icon in the control bar to open the settings page.

2.Click on network in the left navigation bar to open the network configuration. 

3.When you switch off Automatic mode, you can enter the following values:

IP address
A fixed IP address for your eBlocker in your home network (example
Network mask   
The network mask of the eBlocker's IP address. This is usually automatically set. (example
The IP address of your Internet router. (example
Primary name server (DNS)
The IP address of your ISP's name server. Usually, you can enter the IP address of your Internet router here, since most routers will forward DNS queries to your provider. (example
Secondary name server
The IP address of your ISP's secondary name server. This field can also be left empty.

Once the eBlocker is individual configured it can be used as the Internet gateway for your network clients. There are three possibilties to change the gateway in your clients:

1. You can manually set the eBlocker`s IP address in every client using the clients network configuration (not recommended)

2. If you can change the default gateway in your DHCP server, you just need to change it to eBlocker's IP address and all clients will get the change autmatically (you maybe need to reboot your client).

3. If you can not change the gateway address in your DHCP server, we recommend to disable your DHCP server and enable the eBlocker"s DHCP server in the network configuration.

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