Accessing eBlocker's settings

You can access eBlocker's settings with your browser. The quickest way to find eBlocker in your network is to go to, open the controlbar by clicking on the eBlocker activity icon and click "Settings".

When you do not have the activity icon on the page, try clearing your browser's cache and reload the page.

Note that eBlocker needs up to five minutes when it starts the first time.

There might be a DNS-related problem in your network, so you can also acess by its IP address at

If the above page does not show the activity icon, the computer or device you are currently using might have been disabled in eBlocker's device settings. Try a different device if you can.

When all of the above fails, you need to find out eBlocker's IP address. This depends on eBlocker's network mode.

Automatic mode (factory default)

Try to access  http://eblocker:3000/ first.

Access your router's settings and find the list of DHCP clients. If you find an entry named "eblocker", copy its IP address and enter it in your browser's address bar. Add the port 3000, so for example the complete URL will be

Manual mode

If you have configured eBlocker in manual network mode but are not sure about its IP address, you might need an app to scan the network. Here are some examples:

If you find out eBlocker's IP address, you can access it in your browser with port 3000 added: http://IPADDRESS:3000/

Scanning the network with Fing

  • Go to Fing's settings and set "Identify nodes by" to "IP Address".
  • Tap the Scan / Reload button.
  • In the list of devices, tap a device that is up.
  • Tap "Scan services".
  • If port 3000 appears, try to access http://IPADDRESS:3000/ in a web browser, where IPADDRESS is the device's IP address.
  • Repeat with the next device if necessary.

Emergency IP address

eBlocker has a link-local address at It might be necessary to set your computer's IP address manually to an address in the 169.254 subnet, for example

Direct Connection

As a last resort you can also connect eBlocker directly to your computer with a network cable. Please wait 5 minutes until eBlocker has started up and your computer has assigned itself an IP address in the 169.254 subnet. Then, try to access the emergency IP address at

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